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Virtual products typically refer to services, booking, downloadable products ebookpdf files, etc examples of this would be downloadable games, phone applications, software upgrades, and so on. Prestashop redirect module, manage 301, 302, 303 redirects. Beginners guide to creating redirects in wordpress. Check how to download new geolite2city file that is required for prestashop s geolocation tools. Redirect 301 of the old products, categories, manufacturers brands and cms urls to the new urls without ids with the redirect 301 pack for only 7 euros more. The store admin can create an unlimited number of redirects with the help of this prestashop url redirect module. Automatically 301 redirects old urls to new urls to avoid 404 errors. Im looking at changing the products urls structure on a prestashop v1. Prestashop redirect module is developed to ease you in forwarding customers to the right page by setting multiple 301, 302 and 303 redirects.

How can i do 301 redirection installing prestashop for. How to setup url redirects in opencart with and without. Also includes a csv importer to create redirects in bulk. You are currently the holder of an addons account created from your. This module not only offers you to apply unlimited 301, 302, and 303 redirections but it also allows you to modify or delete redirects.

Click on it and you will see a list of url redirections. Illustrated manual with the instructions for redirect 301 of the old urls of products, categories, manufacturers brands and cms with ids to the new ones without ids for websites with our module ps it clean urls already installed. Redirections url 301 autofixing multishop seo prestashop. Prestashop htaccess module our htaccess module for prestashop will allow you to easily enter directives in your htaccess file for your prestashop site. You can identify it with the 301 redirect checker tool. For developers or sysadmins experienced with the command line, get high availability and root access for your application, service, and. Remove 404 errors by redirecting your discontinued. Description simple 301 redirects provides an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your site or else. Permanent redirections after changing the product links structure on prestashop.

But they cant access the product page, because the product page url has changed. It allows you to redirect page to a new address if its moved. In this flash tip we will see how to deal with prestashop redirections in the cleanest possible way, and send customers where we want after login as well. If your website runs on prestashop, youve already made a wise decision for your business. Prestashop seo optimized with ps it clean urls mod. Prestashop attachments for logged users only with this module you can lock products attachments.

So, you can create redirections in bulk, even for thousands of links you will save a lot of time. You can redirect old not working urls to new ones that will work properly. The 301 status code is used for transferring all the clicks on the old url to the new one. Simple 301 redirects is the third plugin we are going to talk about today. Using normal redirections with the php header method in prestashop is highly not recommended. How can i do 301 redirection sign in to follow this.

Its the recommended method for directing traffic from an existing page. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect process from one site to another or one page to another page. Installation and or modification of a module, adaptation of a theme, correction of graphic bugs, graphic creation, creation of. Are you facing errors on some of your web pages of your estore, you can use prestashop 301 redirect htaccess generator module to redirect thes, are you facing errors on some of your web pages of your estore, you can use prestashop 301 redirect htaccess generator module to redirect these pages to your right cms pages. In this case, use the 301 permanent redirect so that the old url will always lead to your new site. What if some of your customers have bookmarked the old url of your website to browser, you may lose those customers in this case. Create an unlimited number of 301, 302 and 303 url redirects to optimize the seo of your website. We recommend this option once your modifications are done. After successful installation, you could find the prestashop redirect module in the left column of the backend. How to setup url redirects in opencart with and without extensions april 27, 2017.

Check how to download new geolite2city file that is required for prestashops geolocation tools. Create an unlimited number of 301, 302 and 303 url redirects to optimize the seo of your website and avoid the 404 errors. Buy seo 301, 302, 303 url redirects 404 page by bonpresta on codecanyon. Support details we offer customer support through our ticket support service. Using our module you will not have to ftp into your site to edit your htaccess file, you can simply edit the. To add new redirection manually you just have to click on add new button that is available on the right hand side top section of table. Url redirects 301, 302, 303 and 404 seo prestashop addons. Seo 301, 302, 303 url redirects 404 page by bonpresta.

End with 404 pages and referencing loss for disabled or deleted product. Instead, prestashop has its own methods to redirect users to the page. The same can be downloaded to have a backup of all the settings. In todays online environment, we highly recommend you to learn how to move a prestashop site from to s. With the intervention ticket, ether creation, prestashop solution expert, is committed to working on your shop during the day. Seo automatic 301 redirect of all your 404 you do not sell a product, you close a category, you delete a cms page, you no longer work with a supplier or manufacturer, or for any other specific url, this module allows you to make in each case a redirection 301, 404. You might want to use prestashop seo redirection premium module, an easy and complete solution for managing 301 302 303 redirects and 404 errors resulting from years of experience in seo for prestashop built for differents seo needs migrating to prestashop, frequently products or categories deletion, urls pattern modification or 404. This is an implementation of code to send your users from one url to another automatically. Seo module for redirect product page to url without id. Prestashop now allows you to enable the display of your products attributes in its meta. This means that with this module you can fix important problems that can affect seo value of your website. Download and install the application, and activate it from your prestashop admin panel. You will be able to choose for each case a 301, 302 redirection, home page or default category ideal for seo.

Something like blog for prestashop they dont want install wordpress, they want to have something simple, and there is prestahome blog for prestashop easy to manage, powerful solution, which help you to create more content in your store. I turn on options in bo enable ssl and enable ssl protocol on every page and now i cant access to my webshop b. To set up, you should download the seo urls plugin package above, extract it and. Open settings 301 redirection page after plugin installation and activation. I am trying enable ssl on every page in my web shop based on prestashop 1. It is used by the websites who make changes to their domain name and the businesses that have merged. What is the best way to create 301 redirect in prestashop. You can redirect your audience to your right cms page with the help of prestashop 301 redirect module to retain your customers. I want to redirect the old urls to the new site, but the simple way of.

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