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Daniel, and jeremiah and ezekiel prophesy, teach, during the time of the book of daniel. The book of daniel, particularly, is the subject of many such sensational writers on prophecy. Learn to adopt a biblical worldview and adhere to it even when its not the norm. The book of daniel is divided between the court tales of chapters 16 and the apocalyptic visions of 712, and between the hebrew of chapters 1 and 812 and the aramaic of chapters 27. Daniel 2 king james version kjv 2 and in the second year of the reign of nebuchadnezzar nebuchadnezzar dreamed dreams, wherewith his spirit was troubled, and his sleep brake from him. Faith under pressure and the god of the impossible. By i gordon daniel 2 presents us with a very interesting little passage. In the second year of his reign, nebuchadnezzar had dreams. Daniels friends shadrach, meshach and abednego served as advisers to king nebuchadnezzar of babylon. By studying this book, we can better understand our lords references to it cf. The new world translation of the holy scriptures is published by jehovahs witnesses. Book of daniel read, study bible verses online bible study tools.

Bible study notes on the book of daniel ed knorrs study notespartly based on dr. Study scripture verses with commentary, concordances, and use highlighting. New international version in the first year of his reign, i, daniel, understood from the scriptures, according to the word of the lord given to jeremiah the prophet, that the desolation of jerusalem would last seventy years. Lives of integrity, words of prophecy bible study book by beth moore provides a personal study experience five days a week plus viewer guides for the group video sessions of this indepth womens bible study. Daniel 2 niv nebuchadnezzars dream in the bible gateway. Explain the background that tells why judah went into captivity 2 kings.

This is the only section of the bible written in aramaic. From daniel and his three friends, we will learn the power of faith and commitment b. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading daniel macarthur bible studies book 5. Daniel 2 the second chapter of the book of daniel tells how daniel interpreted a dream of nebuchadnezzar ii, king of babylon. For him his people israel are the most important people on earth deuteronomy 32. Here is a link to the article i referenced from john piper s.

Does the turmoil in our times, the uprisings and the spiritual decay of many have anything to do with the book of daniel. Daniel summary paul tripps the gospel one chapter at a. Book of daniel teachers notes camp hill church of christ. Prophecies in daniel 712 make a very challenging study. Through daniel, god revealed his plans to provide hope for all mankind in the future reign of one like the son of manhis son, jesus christwhose kingdom shall not be destroyed daniel 7. Book of daniel bible study commentary chapter 2 so here at last is a description of the dream nebuchadnezzar had. The prophet daniel faced unbelievable pressures to. In this helpful study, readers will see how this fascinating biblical book ultimately points to the sovereign lord of history, who rules over all earthly kingdoms and whose plans cannot be thwarted. He ends up taking back the cream of the crop, the most elite and noble israelites, to serve at his court in babylon. The book of daniel begins with king nebuchadnezzar, the ruler of babylon, ransacking jerusalem. Daniel was gods mouthpiece to the gentile and jewish world, declaring gods current and future plans. Robert lindsteds work, the zondervan niv study bible 2002, and various other sources. The purpose is to assist the student in gaining a greater comprehension of the biblical teaching contained in the book of daniel with an emphasis on practical application. The book of daniel is one of the most significant prophetic books in the bible.

The book implies that daniel was its author in several passages, such as 9. Blue letter bible is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. The purpose is to assist the student in gaining a greater comprehension of the biblical teaching contained in the book of daniel. Only god can declare the end from the beginning and that is what he has done in this wonderful book. As we shall soon see, daniel, through no fault of his own, will find himself in a seemingly impossible situation with a death sentence hanging over his head. The book of daniel is a 2ndcentury bc biblical apocalypse combining a prophecy of history. Daniel 2 new international version niv nebuchadnezzars dream. Daniel with book summary versebyverse bible commentary. This summary of the book of daniel provides information about the title, authors, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of daniel. Book of daniel from the king james version of the bible. Nine of the 12 chapters relate revelation through dreams and visions.

Join beth in a faithbuilding study of prophecy and learn how to live with integrity in todays selfabsorbed society. Daniel 2 niv bible in the second year of his reign. Bible teaching from the book of daniel chapter 2 verses 122. This workbook was designed for bible class study, family study, or personal study. The last six chapters are filled with apocalyptic visions that challenge even the most advanced bible students and scholars 2. Its prophecies of worldruling empires are closely related to revelation. Blue letter bible study tools make reading, searching and studying the bible easy and rewarding. The book of daniel is a very important one, and it has therefore been the object of special attack by satan in the same way that the book of isaiah has been. Foretells future world events to come that affects israel. Almost everyone looks at the book of daniel with a.

Daniel 2 kjv and in the second year of the reign of bible. There are three themes in daniel that i want to look at, but i want to say this. A study of the book of daniel gene taylor1preface the study of any of the old testament prophets is a worthwhile endeavor. Threatened with death, daniel stuck to his guns and refused to adopt a pagan lifestyle.

The book of daniel is no exception for it provides a wealth of information to those who would diligently consider it and its teachings. The book is said to make several historical blunders. Dear brethren and friends in christ, please feel free to make use of this 52 page childrens activity book on the book of daniel. Thank god for the visions and dreams given in the book of daniel. Thus, it is best to presume daniels canonical inclusion in the bible is just and the book is worthy of christian study. He gave special attention to jeremiahs prophecy of the seventy years of the captivity. As with all of scripture, the book of daniel is profitable for our study 2 ti 3. Two passages occur in that prophets writings where the duration of the captivity is mentioned jeremiah 25. This course is designed as an expository study of the book of daniel, taking the student through the entire book with cross references to other portions of scripture. For a more detailed treatment, you are invited to look over my sermon outlines on daniel.

Daniel bridges the entire 70 years of the babylonian captivity from 605 to 536 b. We should study the book of daniel to understand gods sovereignty over troubled times. Follow along in this chapterbychapter, selfgrading bible study as you unravel complex prophecies and learn simple biblical principles for everyday life. Impressed, the king promotes daniel, and in turn, his three friends 4649.

His worldview had god at the center and he lived it out even under extreme pressure to change. When they came in and stood before the king, 3 he said to them, i have had a dream. Daniel 2 kjv and in the second year of the reign of. Great examples of courage, faith, faithfulness, humility, patience, devotion, etc. One of the more fascinating books of the bible is the book of daniel. The book of daniel is an apocalypse, a literary genre in which a heavenly reality is revealed to a human recipient. Daniel 1 studies in the book of daniel daniel 2 nebuchadnezzars vision chart of daniel 2 chart of daniel 7, revelation, 17 daniel 2 the interpretation of nebuchadnezzars dream. Daniel and his friendsshadrach, meshach, and abednegohave to navigate. When the book of daniel is examined for content and literary character, it falls naturally into two roughly equal parts which may be designated daniel a.

The authenticity of few books in the bible has been more furiously assailed by critics that the book of daniel. The book of daniel chapter two nebuchadnezzar has a dream, challenging his wouldbe interpreters to first tell him the contents of the dream 1. Join beth in this 6session study of prophecy, and learn how to live with integrity in todays selfabsorbed society. Daniel macarthur bible studies book 5 kindle edition. Book of daniel bible study commentary chapter 7 the times of the gentiles the earthly scene. The king saw a gigantic statue made of four metals, from its gold head to its feet of mingled iron and clay. Daniel clearly presents to us this god who rules over the affairs of human history and the affairs of nations, and that is a central theme. Study and discussion questions for book of daniel by phd students from stanford, harvard, berkeley. Daniel 7 the god of heaven considers the worlds history from another viewpoint than man. The first six chapters contain accounts of faith that inspire both young and old b.

Please enter the study of daniel only if you are willing to deal with some deep, challenging material. Daniel macarthur bible studies book 5 kindle edition by macarthur, john f download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Book of daniel chapter 7 bible study times of the gentiles. The prophecies in the book of daniel are so detailed and accurate that.

Daniel who through the book received revelations from god. God reveals the dream to daniel 1423 who then interprets it for the king 2445. He was seeking out all the wise men to kill them, on orders from the king. Yet we miss the point if we pay more attention to daniels story than to daniels god. This ten division stage of the roman empire is also pictured in. The division is reinforced by the chiastic arrangement of the aramaic chapters see below, and by a chronological progression in chapters 16 from babylonian to median rule. Study guide for daniel by chuck smith blue letter bible. As we shall soon see, daniel, through no fault of his own, will find himself in a seemingly impossible situation with a death sentence hanging over. Daniel, book of, a book of the third division of the hebrew bible, the hagiographa, named for a man daniel whose fortunes and predictions are the subject of the book.

The overall theme of the book of daniel is gods sovereignty over history, and the theme of the tales in chapters 16 is that god is sovereign over all earthly kings. The fascinating book of daniel teacher s notes page 2 4. Daniel, as many other authors of the antiquity and the bible, writes of himself in the third person throughout the first part of the book. So the king summoned the magicians, enchanters, sorcerers and astrologers to tell him what he had dreamed. In daniel 2 these two merge, and the claim of gods sovereignty extends beyond the immediate story to take in all of history. Golden images, winged lions, proud kings, judgment day and the holy sanctuarythey are all part of the fascinating, colorful book of daniel.

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